Earthmover and Printmaking, an Art Storytime


Tip Tip, Dig Dig by Emma Garcia
I Am a Backhoe by Anna Grossnickle Hines

We’re starting to wrap up our CSLP 2013 summer reading theme, “Dig into Reading.” This week our theme was EARTH MOVERS. Since it’s getting to be the end of the summer I pulled out some of my favorites. We started out reading Tip Tip, Dig Dig. I always love a book that gives you an easy opening for incorporating movement into the story. This one had the added bonus of a loose color tie in, so as we worked on remembering the movements that accompany each truck, you can also ask the children about the colors they see. Everyone got into the action.

Our second story this week was another one of my favorites, I Am a Backhoe. This is another story that has a great dramatic play tie-in. As the child in the story plays and acts out the movements of different machines, the storytime children can play along and try to guess what kind of machine he is.


Today I introduced the children to a construction themed flannel game I created for a co-worker. The object is to match the color of the person to the color of the vehicle. For more about the flannel including the cute little song I made up, see the Flannel Friday post!

Action Rhyme:

Today’s extension activity was a great one for working out the fidgets. The kids liked it so much we did it twice.

Johnny’s Hammers

(Make hammering motion with one fist)
Johnny had one hammer, one hammer, one hammer
Johnny had one hammer then he had Two
(Make hammering motion with both fists)
Johnny had two hammers, two hammers, two hammers,
Johnny had two hammers then he had Three.
(Make motion with both fists and one leg.)
Johnny had three hammers, three hammers, three hammers,
Johnny had three hammers then he had Four
(Make motion with both fists and both legs)
Johnny had four hammers, four hammers, four hammers,
Johnny had four hammers then he had Five
(Make motion with both fists and both legs and head.)
Johnny had five hammers, five hammers, five hammers
Johnny had five hammers, then he went to sleep
(lay hands like sleeping)

Art Station:

Our art word this week was PRINT. You make a print anytime you transfer an image onto your presentation media (in this case paper). For our earthmover storytime, we created earthmover prints. First the children worked with my special fingerpaint (8 parts tempera paint to 1 part dish soap) directly on the surface of the table. Craft sticks were available for children to pretend they were bulldozers pushing paint around… or they could just use their fingers. When their masterpiece was complete, an adult would lay a clean piece of paper on top of their painting to transfer the paint to the paper. The kids seem to love any kind of printmaking project and this was no exception.

Featured art station set up:

  • Clean fingerpaint (8 parts tempera paint to 1 part dish soap)
  • Dishes with spoons for the fingerpaint
  • Craft sticks
  • Paper

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