Burrow and Blue, an Art Storytime


What a Treasure by Will and Jane Hillenbrand
Underground by Denise Fleming

In our continuing CSLP exploration, this week we talked about BURROWS and burrowing animals. We began by reading What a Treasure. I told this story using flannels created by the artist. See the author and illustrator’s website here to download your own. There are a few activities available for free download. I highly recommend checking out the matching game.

Our second book this week was Underground by Denise Fleming. The children had a great time closely reviewing all of the illustrations. We talked about almost all of the animals in the story. The children especially enjoyed finding the buried toy truck on one of the pages.


My flannel this week was taken from the author and illustrators’ website. I will not be posting pics because I do not own the artwork.

Action Rhyme:

My extension activity this week was yet another adaptation of “Wheels on the Bus.” I don’t know a child who doesn’t enjoy singing this song in any of its incarnations.

Underground Animals

(tune of the “Wheels on the Bus”)
The worms in the ground
wiggle wiggle wiggle, wiggle wiggle wiggle, wiggle wiggle wiggle
the worms in the ground
wiggle wiggle wiggle, all day long.

Armadillos in the dirt roll and stretch…
Moles underground they scratch scratch scratch…
The rabbits in their den sleep all night…

Art Station:

This week our art word was BLUE. The children were a bit rowdy so we didn’t have a chance for much discussion and moved straight into our featured art project. This week I provided black, blue and white paint and pieces of blue paper to glue. Unfortunately because of the materials provided, the parents felt that my project was actually meant to be stenciling because the pieces of blue paper I provided were the negative pieces leftover from die cutting butterflies. Most of the parents didn’t completely take over the art projects, but they did lack the spontaneity and variety of past art projects.

Featured art station set up:

  • Paint brushes
  • Paint containers
  • Blue, black, and white tempera paint
  • Glue
  • Pieces of blue paper

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