Matching Mushrooms, Flannel Friday

This is a set of flannel mushrooms that I created recently, for use as a game at the end of my DIRT storytime. There are thirty mushrooms total (fifteen pairs) which are all identically blank on one side and matching flannel shapes on the reverse. The mushroom shape is one that I created. The smaller shapes glued to the mushrooms were created either by cutting freehand using templates that I created, or were cut on various Ellison dies.

In storytime, half of the mushrooms can be given out to the children who then must come up to the flannel board when their shape is uncovered. Alternately, all the mushrooms could be given out and you could call out the shape on the mushroom or the color.

These mushrooms can be used by individuals or small groups to play “memory” type games wherein the blank mushrooms are flipped two at a time until matching shapes/colors are identified.

For younger children, reduce the total number of mushrooms available. Lay out one half of the pairs face up on the flannel board. Have the child choose a mushroom from the stack remaining and find the match on the flannel board.

These mushrooms can also be used in conjunction with my counting windows (1-6) as the mushrooms show various numbers of matching felt shapes.

Or for a color matching game, lay out larger pieces of matching colored flannel pieces to have the children find the match to the color of their shape.


Thanks to Amy at for hosting this week’s Flannel Friday!

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