Counting Windows, Flannel Friday

These felt counting windows were developed when I got tired of writing and spelling numbers on all of my counting rhyme animals. They are each approximately 11” x 5” with the windows about 5” x 5” which is large enough for most felt creatures. Download the template here!

I have been pleasantly surprised with the versatility of these windows. I am able to use them in my storytime almost every week.

I generally create very simple silhouette felt animals for my counting rhymes and use the windows as we recite the rhyme.

I also have the option of writing the numbers on the counting rhyme animals if I wish (meaning that the animals and windows can have a second life as a matching game).

These counting windows are especially great for flannel stories like the one I developed for Over in the Jungle by Marianne Berkes. This flannel was created by scanning pictures from the book and printing them onto filter paper. I then touched up the image with colored pencils to make it brighter. As I read the story, I put the mother animals on the appropriate number window. In a smaller storytime, I would also have the option of giving the pieces to the children in the storytime and allowing them to place the mother animal on the board as I read/sang.


Thanks to Meg at for hosting this week’s Flannel Friday!

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