Turtles and Triangles, an Art Storytime


Turtle Splash! Countdown at the Pond by Cathryn Falwell
Hurry Up and Slow Down by Layn Marlow

Our theme this week was TURTLES. The first story we read for this storytime was Turtle Splash! Countdown at the Pond by Cathryn Falwell. This was a counting backwards from ten book. This book had rhyming (which I always enjoy) and showed many of the interesting creatures one might run into by a pond.

Our second book this week was Hurry Up and Slow Down by Layn Marlow. Before beginning this story, the children learned the ASL sign for turtle which they were able to repeat as we read. This is the story of Hare, who predictably does everything fast, and Tortoise (Turtle for the purposes of my storytime) who does everything slow except for one thing. Will Tortoise and Hare ever overcome their differences? Find out when you read this book!


I am super-proud of this flannel. It is made entirely of die cut flannel pieces that I could farm out to a volunteer I had that week. The only thing I had to do was embellish with numbers and glitter. They might not be the prettiest turtles ever, but they are still cute and the time saved was awesome.

I put these turtles up on my flannel board before I began reading Turtle Splash! and used these as a prop during the countdown. Normally I do not advocate creating a flannel for a perfectly good book, but the turtles are fairly difficult to count in the book.

For more details about this flannel, please see my Flannel Friday blog post here.

Action Rhyme:

My supporting activity for this storytime was a fingerplay. The kids enjoyed working on their fine motor skills as the turtle poked his head in and out of his shell.

My Turtle


This is my turtle
He lives in a shell
He likes his home very well
He pokes his head out when he wants to eat
And pulls it back when he wants to sleep

Make fist and extend thumb.
Hide thumb.

Extend thumb.
Hide thumb.

Art Station:

Our art word this week was TRIANGLE. We talked about a few triangles we saw in the room and then discussed our featured art project. This week our project was a hybrid collage and paint activity. I’m attempting to introduce the children (gently) to the idea of multi-step art projects. The idea is that they collage their triangles onto their paper first, and then paint on top. Not all of them got it, but then I didn’t expect them to. Their art was still beautiful.

Featured art station set up:

  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Paint Containers
  • Brushes
  • Pre-cut triangles
  • Glue Sticks

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