Turtles (10), Flannel Friday

These turtles were used in my turtle storytime. To learn about how I used them, check out my turtle storytime post.

This turtle flannel was very easy to construct. It was so easy that I gave it to a volunteer to cut and still ended up with an end product that I loved.

It did require the use of an Ellison die cut. To make the shell of the turtle, I had my volunteer use the 4” oval die.

To make the head and feet, I instructed her to use the coins section of a US money die in a contrasting color of felt. The only other thing to be cut was a teeny tiny turtle tail (freehand).

Glue the largest coin into position for the head of the turtle, the rest of the coins are the feet (glue the tail in the appropriate position for the tail.)

To finish my turtles, I also added felt numbers 1-10 and embellished with glitter. My counting pips on the turtles were created by dipping a circular object in glue and then stamping onto the felt (I think I used pencils and markers). Fine glue lines were created with the use of a mylar cone.

I learned to make mylar cones to work with henna. A mylar cone is used similarly to a pastry bag. It helps give a really fine line and lets you press the glue into your felt to prevent the glue from beading up on top of your felt. See how to create a mylar cone here.

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