Rabbits and Fluff, an Art Storytime


White Rabbit’s Color Book by Alan Baker
Rabbityness by Jo Empson

Continuing our theme of spring, this week we talked about RABBITS. We began by reading White Rabbit’s Color Book. In a similar way to Mouse Paint (Ellen Stoll Walsh), this story reinforces color mixing concepts by having White Rabbit jump into different tubs of paint (and then clean off again). I was really quite impressed that several of the children were able to answer correctly when I asked them, “What will happen when yellow rabbit jumps into the blue paint?” This book is very sweetly illustrated, and I simply love any book that talks about color mixing in a way that children will understand and remember.

Our second story was Rabbityness. As I read, the children were encouraged to make the ASL sign for rabbit every time I read the word. Rabbityness is a book that recently came into our library’s collection. It tells the story of Rabbit, who likes to do rabbity things like jumping and twirling his whiskers. But Rabbit likes to do some very un-rabbity things as well. I love the way that the illustrations add punch to the story. And I love the message of the book as well. It encourages everyone to do the things that truly make them happy and share that happiness with the world.


White Rabbit’s Color Book was shared with the assistance of flannel props. This is one of my all time favorite flannel presentations because if you can manage to do it right, it’s almost like magic. The trick is to have different colors of flannel rabbits hidden in various containers. Then, as you read the story and White Rabbit jumps into the tub of yellow paint, you can drop your white flannel rabbit into your own yellow container and pull out a yellow rabbit. Magic!

I found this idea on the blog Sunflower Storytime. Follow the link for more details on how to make your own magical white rabbit prop.

Counting Rhyme:

My supporting activity this week was a counting rhyme. I used five flannel bunnies I had previously created for a coworker. Since these bunnies were already labeled 1-5, I did not bother with my counting windows this week.

Five Little Bunnies

One little bunny,
Wondering what to do,
Another bunny came along,
Then there were two.

Two little bunnies,
Hopping like me,
Another bunny came along,
Then there were three.

Three little bunnies,
Jumping around outdoors,
Another bunny joined them,
Then there were four.

Four little bunnies,
So fluffy and alive,
Another bunny joined them,
Then there were five.

Five little bunnies,
Ready for some fun,
Hopped away in the
Warm, spring sun.

Art Station:

Our art word this week was RECTANGLE. We talked briefly about some rectangles that we see in storytime. Then we talked about the papers that we habitually paint on (rectangles as well). Then I introduced our featured art project for the week. The children were given some white glue and paint brushes to allow them to glue bits of colorful fluff and rectangles of various dimensions. The fluff was created by dismantling a few of the giant pom poms that have been floating around our back room. They turned out to be an interesting art medium as well as a fun sensory experience.

Featured art station set up:

  • Paper
  • White glue in egg cartons
  • Cheap plastic paint brushes
  • Scrap paper cut to smallish rectangles
  • Giant pom poms cut in half and pulled apart into “fluff”
  • Scissors (for any child wishing to cut her rectangles)

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